In the mission and vision of many companies, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is mentioned as one of the basic principles of their actions. It is something that goes beyond the sales activity and has to do with its impact and scope on the surroundings and the environment in general.



Corporate social responsibility is linked, first and foremost, to the way in which an organization conducts and manages itself towards the outside world. That is to say, they are all those decisions that favor its interaction with the environment in which it operates, which can be social, economic or environmental.

This term, so common nowadays, is based on the fact that companies are active agents and should not limit themselves only to pursuing a sales interest; it is also their responsibility to make contributions to the environment to which they are linked.

The level of social responsibility can be seen in elements such as the social development that the actions of these companies generate in the environment, respect for the labor rights of those who work in them, the environmental impact of their sales activities or even compliance with the laws in force in each country or region.



Social responsibility does not come out of nowhere. It is a concept that has been taking shape in recent decades in parallel with the growing social awareness of problems such as climate change, global warming, deforestation, food crises and increasing poverty in the world.

In fact, it is based on a series of principles and values that constitute the framework for action of initiatives oriented in this direction. Let us list our principles:

Respect for the laws in force:

We comply with the laws in force in each country, region or continent regarding sales and human rights. As a framework for the proper implementation of the concept of social responsibility, we adhere to the United Nations Global Compact, complying with its 10 basic principles, listed in our Code of Conduct.

Globality and transversality:

In the scope of our sales operations and attending to a necessary globality we collaborate and cooperate with companies from different sectors that help us to enhance and maintain our social and environmental commitment.

Ethics and coherence:

Social responsibility cannot be understood without ethics and without the coherence of this with our actions. In other words, we are aware of the need for correspondence between our adopted values with our CSR plan.

Ongoing management of social impact:

We are constantly reviewing, analyzing, monitoring and evaluating our activities. The aim of this is none other than to measure the impact of our role in the environmental, sales, social and even political-participatory environment. We carry out long-term actions that favor the environment and the social and economic development of our surroundings.

Satisfaction of needs and expectations:

Our ultimate principle and objective: the satisfaction of needs of specific stakeholders. If this satisfaction does not occur, we cannot speak of Corporate Responsibility. To this end, we disseminate our social responsibility actions to our environment in order to reinforce our relationship with society and as a sign of transparency.


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