Our company has the status of customs representative, with a whole team of professionals dedicated to customs with extensive experience. We focus on providing a personalised advisory service, as we consider that there are many different cases, and the needs of each client may be different for each case. Therefore, we are at our clients' disposal from the preparation or drafting of the shipment, during the shipment process, to its completion, and even afterwards, in the event that any subsequent customs formalities are required by customs or by our own client. 

Given that we also have the status of Authorised Economic Operator, our clients enjoy certain advantages in the operations they entrust to us, such as greater agility in customs clearance, the possibility of being able to nationalise goods in any national customs office through centralised clearance, a lower percentage of red circuits*, as well as other issues that we explain in more detail in the AEO section of our website, which we invite you to visit - AEO section.

In short, we are a customs broker committed to our clients from start to finish, professional and with interesting proposals for many of the companies we advise. It is very common that due to the extension and constant updating of the regulations many clients are not aware of many of the resources that customs makes available to them in order to benefit from them, but with us by their side, they can be sure that they are in good hands.

*Link to our AEO Authorization*

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