When we look for a logistics operator to carry out a commercial operation at international level, it is important to know who we are going to entrust the future of the same, because this operator will accompany us during the process, will advise us, and will manage the part of the transport and customs, important parts in the procedure. But perhaps the most important part and the one we should make sure of is the advice, because the success of our operation and the possibility of avoiding problems or unpleasant surprises that could cost us time, money, or even the success of the operation depends on it.

In PLAZA FORWARDING both the qualification of the professionals who are part of our team, as our experience of more than 20 years provides the ability to offer our customers both advice from minute zero, and throughout the process, such as, for example, that Incoterm should choose, when to take out insurance and how, how to request the issuance of transport documents, which should ask their sellers / buyers, ..., if they are interested, by volume, by type of shipment and by the type of transport. ., if they are interested, by volume or weight, in one form of transport or another,...; each case is unique and needs a unique and valid attention depending on the needs of the moment.

We bring a very important added value to our customers, nowadays, and that is to give them a personalized service; each and every one of our customers will have a person on the other side, with name and surname that will not change constantly every time they call by phone or write an email to inquire about the situation of their operations, who will keep them informed at all times and will provide solutions if necessary, strengthening all the security and trust between the parties, essential in any working relationship.

Even so, and in this world in which technology is becoming more and more important, being a vital part of 90% of the daily processes, we provide you with digital tools that you can use if you wish to request, consult or manage services, interacting digitally with them, but without forgetting the human side, which as we said previously, we maintain as a fundamental part of our company policy. Technological evolution without forgetting our Human Factor.

Another important factor to take into account when choosing an operator to guide us in the process of our operation, is to know not only if we will receive a quality service, but also if it will have the capacity or sufficient infrastructure to meet our business needs; in this case, and likewise, we have offices in the most important cities of the peninsula, and networks of correspondents worldwide with whom we collaborate since our inception in 1997, give us a professionalism, confidence, and efficiency that is transmitted in each operation to our customers. Guaranteed Infrastructure and Coverage.

And last but not least, we find ourselves with cost competitiveness; we all need to be competitive within the sectors in which we work, and this need is growing, but it is important not to leave aside the previous factors, so as not to diminish the quality of service, because in our opinion it directly affects the product.

Our commercial team works hard to achieve this objective: Competitiveness without diminishing quality.

We will be pleased to attend your requests or queries, and of course to be your reliable Logistic Operator.

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