Security container 96" x 125 x 63" Code IATA AMP
Aluminium Container. Dust and noise proof (rubber sealed) One side opening 223.5 cm. Closed with four metallic and sealed panels. Six rails for hangers.
Dimensions Length 317 cm Wide 243.8 cm High 162.6 cm
Tare 340 kg Contenedor de Seguridad-AMP
Max. pay load 6,800 kg. para PMD
4,625 kg. para PLD.
Compatible with air crafts:
Security container. Container IATA AMP
Aluminium Container. One side opening 317,5 cm. Closed with flap and net. Can be adapted for garments on hangers. Some of them may have security doors
Dimensions Length 317.5 cm Wide 223.5 cm High 162.6 cm
Tare 311 kg Contenedor de Seguridad-AMP Codigo IATA AaP
Max. pay load 4,625 kg. Compatible with air crafts:  B747 F / Combi / Mixto A340 / A330 / B777